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how do i masturbate in our small apartment while my husband is here without him hearing me? NSFW


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M18. Getting kicked out of home. Where is the best places to sleep in your car?


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Why do realtors put SOLD on top of a for sale sign instead of just taking the sign down?


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What foods (aside from say, salt) do humans eat that is not produced by or derived from plants or animals?


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I'm 13, am I still young enough to trick or treat?


I just want candy tbh.

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When someone is beheaded by a guillotine, how many seconds do you think they are still conscious and watching their own head roll away?


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Unanswered It's 2022... in the U.S., why the hell do we still have bathroom stalls that give you little privacy and expose you for all to see?


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How to tell if someone I sit next to is attracted to me???


(OK I'm going to keep this vague because you never know)

So I'm a 40yr old guy, widowed about 2yrs ago, & havent dated since.

I attend a local sports team, and bought a season ticket this year

Theres a girl (I'd guess early to mid 30's?) who sits next to me, also on her own and we've got talking and I really like her.

Only problem is that I have absolutely no idea if she's just being polite or if she might possibly like me too.

she seems to laugh at my lame jokes, & is always very friendly.

So I guess my question is: How do I know if the the girl (in her early to mid 30's) who sits next to me, might be into me?

I don't want to come across as some creepy entitled guy, but at the same time, if the feeling is mutual then I'd regret not knowing & potentially acting on it.


***I have edited this because the term "young lady" was confusing people, when all I was trying to do was avoid using "woman" or "girl"

***I would guess she is in her early to mid 30's, as this also seems to be confusing people

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Unanswered Why are dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets the only commonly sold alternate shape of chicken nuggets?


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Why do women’s underwear have those pockets where the coochie goes?


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Why are words like "gosh", "darn", and "heck" any less offensive than "god", "damn", and "hell"?


They both mean the same things when you use them as interjections. The only difference is that the former can be used by kids without fear of getting their mouths washed out with soap.

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Is there an easy way to enjoy eating vegetables?


Vegetables are honestly Satanic to me. I can just get by with steamed Broccoli and a cucumber but nothing else.

I have tried steaming it and still feel like throwing up it is so disgusting. I look at all these supposedly delicious meals and they look as appealing as mashed up slug.

I understand that vegetables are essential to a healthy life, so is there any small changes I can make to just introduce an acceptable standard into my diet?

Yours in hope.

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Answered When someone shoots a gun towards the sky (like a warning shot ), where does the bullet eventually end up? How fast will it fall down?


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Should I mention I work in a psychiatric hospital on dating apps and during dates in general?


Recently single and I’m not sure if I should word it differently or even if it has an affect.

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Why aren't paternity tests automatically given that time of birth?


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why is America so calorie heavy?


For context I recently took a trip to Europe and noticed far less portions and less heavy calorie foods like sweets. Coming back to the US I realized I lost alot of weight simply by portions. I started calorie tracking and found about 2200 calories maintains my weight 200 cal up or down can make me gain or lose weight steadily. Anyways. Keeping that diet in America is so much harder! I went to a restaurant with friends and found almost everything on the menu is over 1000 cal, add a side or sweet drink and one meal is almost or sometimes over what most people need for the entire day. Why are we not pushing to make America healthier? Simply by understanding how much energy you need and balancing that with what you eat we as a country could be so much better off in every way.

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Why does everyone seem so angry? Whether it's war in Ukaraine, or incels, or the far right or left, or hate groups or just customers in a retail or fast food place - why is everyone so viciously angry? Where is all this anger coming from?


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why are people willing to talk to cops?


I'm from Sweden and maybe the law after different here But why in h*ll are people that are suspected of a crime talking to cops? Why don't they just shut up?

What can you get out of that? Do you have anything to win in that?

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Do I have to stop calling people darling?


So someone I work with told me that I shouldn’t call people “darling” because it “was used by men to demean women”. Do…do I need to stop doing that? I do use it indiscriminately for epicene humans. (I’m 30f)

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what's it called when people decorate yaks?


like actual yaks, the big cows

what do i google to see more cute decorated yaks?

why do they decorate them?

why is it so cute?

do the yaks mind?

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When you buy a pack of chicken (wings, breasts, thighs) from the store what is the likelihood that two of the parts are from the same bird?


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If I flip a coin twice, what are the odds of getting heads only once out of the two flips?


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How dumb is your pet?


I wonder if I truly have the dumbest dogs on the planet. I love big dumb dogs, but can your top these? How dumb are your pets?

Dog 1 tried 3 times to befriend a rattlesnake. The snake struck him in the face with venom all 3 times and he still sniveled about being called off to go get his life saved. He’s so stupidly sweet that I tapped my 401k to save him. He made it & it was worth it.

Dog 2 refuses to ask to come inside. He will wait silently at the back door even in the worst of weather - no scratching, barking or whining at all. He can make noise, but refuses to do so when ready to come in. We have a “dog outside” timer because of this dumba$$. He’s also scared of the dark. Thunder, fireworks, and all the “scary” stuff are totally cool with him, but lights off is crybaby time.

Dog 3 meets everybody for the first time every time they enter a room. Every day, multiple times per day, we all reintroduce ourselves to him. Sometimes he likes us, sometimes he doesn’t. If he doesn’t, we just leave the room & return for a new intro & totally different reaction. It’s like 50 First Dates on never-ending replay around here. He also has no brakes - dude goes fast or zero & the walls & furniture are total surprises to him all day every day. The vet has verified he’s physically very healthy, just cognitively disabled.

That said, how dumb are yours?

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My toilet tank doesn't fill back up unless I turn the sink on next to it for a bit and then it will. What causes that and is there an easy fix?


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Unanswered why does stealing food feel more ok than other things?


I know a lot of people accept that food at their work will get stolen and I myself have a a roommate thats been stealing my food (maybe a couple hundred dollars over the past few months) and while annoying and disrespectful just kinda turned into a fact i accepted? But now that he's stolen other things of way less value that are not food i've been way more upset about it