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The US is a capitalist oligarchy

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This is what I've been saying the entire time.

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hourly rate 10 dollars lower than i was told before i started working

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Capitalism is Killing Babies


I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs.

How can we allow our society to be organized this way??

My daughter's daycare classroom has 5 cases of RSV, including my daughter. Three babies under 6 months of age are in the hospital, and one is in the ICU. Two of the hospitalized babies are premie twins.

We can safely assume nearly all of the children in daycare are there because their parents need to work. I know that was the case for us.

The mother of the premie twins with fragile little immune systems was forced to leave her children in a place where she knew they would most likely be exposed to dangerous diseases. She had no choice, because she had to go back to work before they were ready.

Fuck capitalism. Fuck any system that requires parents to put their children in harms way in order to keep a roof over their heads. And for what? Productivity? Profit? The accumulation of wealth for someone else??

I apologize for my lack of empathy before having a child of my own. I had no dog in the fight, so I did not pay attention to the fight for adequate parental leave. Now I know. This is a matter of life and death for mothers and for babies. This is a problem for society.

They keep us living paycheck to paycheck so that we can't step out of the workforce. Keeping poor people poor is their only goal, because it forces us to sell our labor to live... at the expense of our most vulnerable citizens.

ETA: I think this has sparked a meaningful conversation about whether the working class should have the privilege of reproducing.

If you think working class people should not reproduce, and only the wealthy (those who can afford not to work) should reproduce, some introspection might be in order. This may not be the sub for you.

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If im the only employee and I walk out and quit leaving the store empty, am I legally liable for what happens?


I wont say specifically where I work, but I'll say its a sandwich chain popular among pedophiles. Im constantly the only one stuck working by myself for hours and I hate it. I'm going to quit, but out of spite I really want to maximize damage so I'm gonna wait until I'm once again the only one working, then I'm just gonna walk out and quit, not even leave a text or phone call to the boss, just write a note that says I quit and tape it to the door or something.

My question is, if someone decides to steal from the empty store or something, am I legally liable and will I get in trouble?

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Well then….

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Well, that's certainly an Icebreaker

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The fact that the populists weren't means democrats are HEAVILY lacking. Vote for socialists

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So... Because she's taking better care of herself... She's... unattractive?

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If only it were that simple

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Manager wouldn’t let me leave for a family emergency so I quit :)


I had a pretty bad family emergency today which merited a 10 minute phone call with my mom and another 10 minutes with other family members and the police. I was absolutely sobbing in front of my coworkers and customers and didn’t even ask to go home. My manager made nasty comments and acted like she didn’t believe me and that I can’t leave early because she has problems too. Well, I mulled it over while sob-working, and decided fuck it. I start another job soon, I’m leaving quietly while no one’s looking. There’s was absolutely no reason for my manager to be so cruel to me on a slow day with a strong staff. So? Guess what? I’m leaving now AND you’re down a person on staff completely.

Treat your employees with kindness. We are human beings, not robots.

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I support socialist

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It's tough to be a miner.

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Act your wage folks. Can’t understand whether it’s sarcasm or not


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Friend found this job posting

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We’re a family here

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I'm joining this cow. Who's with me?

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Modern times

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The last job I had I quit and gave them 1 week notice. My manager said I need to give at least two weeks notice since it is policy. I told him 1 week is very competitive. He got angry and called me a smarta$$. I ended up leaving that day.


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Bosses' Therapy

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No wonder marriage and birthrates are going down.

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I have a whole Google Images folder of this guy if y'all want more


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Capitalism sux

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Update on Jibreel Ameen (toxic LinkedIn recruiter). Reddit actually took down the original post. I could counter-notice it, but then I would have to fill my personal info, which I won't.

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Seen this in facepalm. And oh boy...

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