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Left Unity ✊ I cycle eight miles or get the train to work, this is a part time contract I do for fun. My boss:

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Article Yes, 'Bros' flopped at the box office. But Hollywood must keep making LGBTQ movies, anyway

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Politics One is dealing with the Cuban missile crisis, the other is doing product placements

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Music Acoustic basses sound awful majority of the time


Many times I find that acoustic basses lack a resonance and (for lack of a better word) thump than an electric has. Plus there is a lot more variety you can achieve from an electric considering the treble, mid and bass is more easily adjustable than that of an acoustic.

Edit: Just to clarify I’m not talking about double basses

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'Bros' Guy Branum Also Has a Problem with Brendan Fraser Playing Fat Gay Lead in 'The Whale'

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Hhwhite hhwoman saying the N word in my house


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zE 🎪 Шапіто Я хочу нагадати, як прокремлівські лицемірні гниди висміювали виступ українськогого Президента в ООН під час війни, 2015 р, на користь своїм хазяєвам з Кремля, російською мовою. А тепер ці самі гниди ниють, що їх висміювати не можна. Але ж в цю гру можна грати вдвох.


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Society Steve Jobs Passed Away 11 Years Ago Today

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I absolutely hate Sansa, she’s so unlikeable and shallow.

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Opinions/advice needed Is the apathy of Melbourne getting to anyone else?


Today on my packed train a homeless guy was desperately asking for change to move into a sharehouse and no one aside from me and a young tradie even looked in his direction. I get that it’s hard to spare any money with the current cost-of-living, but when I pulled him aside to mention some charity orgs like 300Blankets etc. he said that I was the first person to speak to him all day.

Surely it’s not that hard to spare 20 seconds to talk to someone that’s struggling? Idk, it just breaks my heart how often the homeless are totally ignored and avoided, even in the CBD.

Edit: the point I was trying to make is that support does not have to be monetary, even something as small as a couple seconds of eye contact is more than most people spare.

Edit 2: (copied from a reply)

I’m not trying to talk down to anyone[…]

Some of the more thoughtful comments here have made me rethink my initial stance about approaching people, especially in confined areas such as the train example I gave. However I still think it’s really uncool to treat and even speak about the homeless population as if they’re inhuman due to whatever their specific circumstances are. “Mental instability” included.

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Shotz Shotz - Some RUST appreciation FeelsStrongMan

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Military hardware & personnel RU Pov. Mobilized Russian soldiers debunk fakes about lack of equipment.


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Clip Mr K snipes Chris Kyle

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Question Has anyone else noticed an uptick in military helicopter operations around their area recently?


I'm noticing this in the Colorado front-range area.

Multiple Red-cross (✚) marked Blackhawks landing in civilian areas.

I really hope they're not doing what I fear they're doing.

Anyone else in the US seen similar?

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'After Kanye West's 'White Lives Matter' stunt, is it time to say enough?'

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Productivity LPT: If you hire a service pro to work at your house, leave them the fuck alone. NSFW


They're not there to help you. You're not there to help them. You don't have anything they need to complete the task. Nothing. If you did, you'd have done it already. They're not there to be your friend. They're not there to do shit unrelated to the job at hand. They are not your slaves. Do not stand over them, watching everything they do. They work for a salary and not tips, so $10 isn't going to make your assholery ok. Stop acting like a toddler, getting in the way and go the fuck back in the house. We'll find you when it's done, if needed. #1 culprit of said behavior: FUCKING BOOMERS.

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News & Discussion The sound redesign is terrible, everything is far too bassy and punchy


The sound redesign is terrible, everything is far too bassy.

So besides the game already suffering from Graphical Effects overload, they now added sound overload too it aswell. Everything is way too bassy and punchy/impacty. The Original sound from Overwatch 1 was perfect. it was crisp and clear. Even when multiple things were happening at once it was clear and you could tell whats going on.

In OW2 however its terrible, from the headshot effect and kill sound effects, everything is far too punchy and bassy and loud.

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Question Why is sir Jordan Peterson so hated?


I just started listening to him and Idk why he gets so much hate online. Can anyone explain why?

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Discussion Peer reviewed Study: FTM trans athletes’ hearts and lungs outperform cis womens’ even after years of hormone therapy. They also have lower fat % and higher bone density.

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News & Discussion Am I the only one who actually likes OW2?


I get that people are upset about losing OW1, but this game really isn't that bad. All games in the last decade or so have had problems at launch. In order to compete in today's live service game industry there has to be some form of monetization scheme that allows the devs to keep working on it.

On top of that, the 5v5, to me, feels a lot better. No more blaming tanks for being bad. More accountability for dps and support. It feels way better than just having teams that sit behind shields and spam damage into the enemy team. And the new game mode, characters, and maps are great.

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I cheated on my wife and I'm nervous, don't know how to proceed


This is my first time posting here. I heard of this site before but don't know how this works. I don't want to give out too much information in case others or even her might be users here. Nowadays it's a small world. I'm nervous and just had a bad argument again (my guilt is killing me) so if any of you can be helpful I'd gladly appreciate it. I'm not even at home now. I'm using my cousin's PC.

I cheated on my wife nearly 4 months ago with a co-worker at my job. That was the first time I've ever slept with another woman besides my wife. I was a shy virgin when my wife met me in college long ago. She's suspecting it by now, asked questions about my recent changes and I don't know how to come forward with it. In my attempts to escape from getting caught, I tend to drink some days to relieve me of my guilt or verbally lashed out at her by using her only single weakness as an argument.

I know what's it like being cheated on. I've been there once but that's an ancient story I don't care to share and it brings bad memories. My main concern is that now I'm officially a cheater, what I hated becoming. I just ended my affair last week but I'm scared of getting find out, exposed, etc. I think I'm making it very obvious because I suck at lying and tend to get upset if I'm cornered.

I would like to know how to proceed to this. I believe confessing is the right thing. Anyone???

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Jameson Williams might be a league winner once he returns. NSFW


With the Lions offense leading the league in scoring, what is the expectation for Jameson Williams once he’s activated?

Josh Reynolds has been serviceable with St. Brown and Chark missing time. He’s had 7-81-1 and 6-96 in his last two games on 18 targets. Highly doubt that production is sustainable for Reynolds, but it got me thinking. What is Jameson Williams ceiling in this offense?

I’d think Williams would start over Chark/Reynolds if they’re all healthy. In that scenario, Williams could easily be a high end WR2 in my opinion. Thoughts?

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It’s that time of year again

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Medicine The heart & lung capacity & strength of trans women exceed those of cis women, even after years of hormone therapy, but they are lower than those of cis men. Total body fat was lower & skeletal muscle mass was higher among the trans women than among the cis women, but higher & lower than cis men.

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Picture / Video What else is there to do when the bridge is up?