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How much oxygen is in a fart?


Is it possible to outpace the respiration of oxygen by passing heaps of gas?

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VIDEO Kanalas réce

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General Early Leaver penalties should be deactivated


Until blizzard's servers settle down team 4 has to deactivate this early leaver penalty. I'm playing from OCE and have been kicked (due to server dc) from so many games now i have -%75 penalty to xp for the next 12 games. The servers are so bad it didn't even warn me I was getting close to this "Punishment".
With no way for us to stop these server disconnects it's ridiculous that the Leaver penalty is still in place.

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My sister is renting a cabin... two unexpected guests couldn’t find their way to their own cabin.

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Help / Question My LEGO IDEAS project "The Wonderful LEGO Wizard of Oz 😊 🌈 👠 🦁 🍭 🌪 85th Film Anniversary". 3,274 supporters have already voted for it, but it needs 10,000 for a chance of becoming a real LEGO set. Could you please support it? 😊 🌈 👠 🦁 🍭 🌪


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Question Reached mythic, now what?


First of all, i hope this doesnt come off as bragging.
Maybe im even embarrassing myself for getting hyped up about this
I only want to gather infos i cant seem to find online myself.

After a long pause (last time i had papercards was kaladesh) i decided to install arena 2 weeks ago to play a few drafts.
A friend send me all the redeem codes and ive noticed i could get together an "ok" deck for standard.

Yesterday ive reached mythic top 300 and now some friends from my local mtg groups tell me there are option to get into ptqs, or sort of, as top 250.

Its a long ass time ago that i was into the tournament scene and a lot has changed since then and especially with mtgarena apparently.

The infos i need now are:
How does one qualify through mtg arena for a ptq?
whats the next step after retaining top 250?
Do invitations still include paid travel and lodging?
when asking friends i get all kind of weird numbers, some say wotc doesnt cover anything, some
say its barely enough.

I havent found anything really helpful online and since i am by no means rich, i simply want to know if it could be worth investing more time and money into arena to keep the grind for the top and get better decks. Also if i have to pay myself for any travelling i might need to do.

Links are welcome, i mightve seen them and skipped through the infos i need, but when you tell me i can get them from that link i will read them again in detail.

Thank you in anticipation for advice and infos!

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Artificial Intelligence Fitbit Health Solution and Google Cloud Introduce Device Connect for Fitbit

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Champion Discussion I have been trying to get spirithost but to no avail, to get her do I have to play the campaign on normal ?

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Help thread Is this HD good for Xbox Series S?

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Victory started a new term today and learnt this! It's such a good feeling when you get a move on the first try (doesn't happen often for me!) NSFW

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RT-PCR Tests While Transiting


I want to go from SFO->LAX->CAN, instead of LAX->CAN because it's $800 cheaper and I'm from the SFO area. However, there is a 34 hour layover in LAX, which is fine and beats driving down to LA and getting a hotel. Can I take the first RT-PCR 48 hours before boarding in SFO and then the second RT-PCR 24 hours before boarding hours in LAX? Do I need to get a green code from the SF consulate and the LAX consulate?

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Pack Flex Got TAA and Robertson in the same pack. Coincidence? I think not

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Network Crashed


So today I hit the 🛑 on myopenVPN in pfsense and afterwards, all the clients in my network were unable to access the internet. I’m not a network guy, but I do have basic knowledge. Still, I was unable to understand what happened here. I ended up having to swap out appliances and use my ISPs all-in-one, which is not ideal.

So all my other gear is out of action.

My network consisted of: ISP/ADSL to Modem to ProtectliVault(pfsense iso installed) to managed switch to Unifi AP/router. The Vault was acting as DHCP server.

Why would turning off my OpenVPN NORD UDP4 crash my network? Any help understanding this would be well appreciated 🙏🏻

Idk what to do or what resources would be best. I checked a bunch and couldn’t find answers.

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Setup [Theme] Clean as Nothing - Details in Comment

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29 [M4F] Germany/Online - Looking for a caring, considerate girl


Hey there :)

Let me introduce myself quickly: My name is Pascal, I’m 29 years old and from Germany. I work as a software developer for mobile apps and in my spare time I enjoy reading, going for walks and cycling. I also recently got into Bonsais 🙈

I’d love having a caring, loving and considerate woman in my life. And of course I also want to be a caring, loving and considerate guy in someone's life. I don't mind distances and time differences, although it'll probably makes things a bit more complicated 😄 if you want the same thing as I do please feel free to send me a message 🤗

I’ll also send a picture if you’re interested to see what I look like :)

I’m looking forward to your message 🤗

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Help Me! PC, DARK SOULS III, need help to defeat the Dancer of the Boreal Valley.


Password : "ASHEN"

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Handcrafted Just made a origami quick ball with an origami Pikachu inside. What do you think?

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Question Can you do the pantheon of hallownest challenge in godmaster mode?



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Smoke Session! Comment "puff" for your Stellar Cannacoin tip!!

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Galaxy Watch 4 battery drain with Pixel6a


Previously had an S9 paired with my Galaxy Watch4 for over 6 months with no issues.

Battery life was Golden, lasting the best part of two days.

Last week I moved to a Pixel 6a, since then my Galaxy Watch doesn't even manage a day.

Any suggestions? I'm on the latest firmware for both the phone and the watch.

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#GodMorningThursday अधिक जानकारी के लिए Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Youtube Channel पर विजिट करें। Watch sadhna TV 7:30pmDaily 📺

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Android Distinguish mod test 06/10/2022 09:39:05


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Discussion Anyone whose dream college is IISC here??